The Macomb Foster Closet provides much-needed clothing and other essential items free to children in foster care. Not receiving these funds would result in not being able to purchase items for children in foster care that are not donated to the organization through other means. In addition, they have recently expanded their physical location to better serve foster families that receive services which have resulted in higher operating costs including higher rent and utilities.

Every day in the state of Michigan, abused, neglected, and abandoned children are introduced to foster care. Almost all of these children will enter the foster care system with just the clothes on their backs, making it necessary to replace essential items very quickly. These kids may not have their pajamas, toys, or favorite blanket or hoodie - or any of their clothes - all while finding themselves in an unfamiliar new home.

Providing them with a basic wardrobe and a few extras can give a child a sense of belonging and dignity that is so important during this time of transition. For many foster families though, the cost of doing this can be prohibitive. While foster parents do receive a small stipend to cover basic needs, it is often not enough to cover all necessities - and it can take weeks, sometimes months, to receive it.

That’s where the Macomb Foster Closet and our amazing donors come in – we help fill the gap. We are committed to helping these children with clothing and other essential items.
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